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Commercial Services

A-1 Professional Commerical Cleaning Services



Janitorial Cleaning

Have you ever walked into a store, office or shop and noticed the sticky floors, dust and trash? A dirty looking business does not leave...

A good first impression
When customers enter a dirty or messy business, their first impression is to turn around and walk away. Greeting customers with a clean appearance will lead to greater sales solely based on the great first impression you provide. Having a consistently clean business — free of trash, spotless counters, shiny floors — says "this business cares about their business, so they care about me, too, as a customer."

A-1’s commercial quick-drying cleaning and janitorial services are preferred by local banks. We also will contract with stores and office buildings on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our routine cleaning services:
•  Trash removal and liner replacement

•  Dusting

•  Floor sweeping and wet mopping

•  Restroom cleaning & supply replenishment

•  Wall-to-wall vacuuming

Other services, as needed may include:
•  Floor stripping and waxing

•  Window washing

•  Special event before/after cleaning



Carpet Cleaning

Soil and grit are major contributors of reduced carpet and fabric life. Cleaning your carpets make economical sense when you consider the replacement cost of carpets.

The Health Benefits of Carpet Cleaning
Cleaning your carpets regularly has been proven to offer health benefits to people and pets. A professional carpet cleaning will:

•  Eliminate trapped pollutants

•  Clear out dust mite infestation

•  Help prevent the buildup of mold

•  Extend the life of your carpets

A-1’s professional service will:

•  Sanitize

•  Disinfect

•  Deodorize

•  Remove salt and sand

•  Remove stains

In no time, your carpets will be renewed and refreshed, leaving you happy with the results.

Image by Alexander Pemberton


Upholstery & Fabric

Your upholstery fabric picks up dirt, germs, dust mites, and other allergens that can negatively affect the health of your employees and customers. Regular cleanings will freshen and renew the life of your valuable items.

A-1 will:

  • Remove dirt, debris, and stains

  • Sanitize

  • Disinfect

  • Deodorize

A professional steam cleaning will add a renewed freshness and can extend the life of your valuable items. This service is a quick and cost-effective approach to leaving your upholstery healthy, and you happy, with the results.



Electrostatic Disinfecting

Electrostatic sprayers are used to powerfullydisinfect, coat and clean all hard and soft surfaces.The sprayer charges the disinfectant particles sothey more easily cling and coat any surface, eventhose hard to reach spots.


And so much more...
Emergency Cleanup
Post-Construction Cleanup
Power & Pressure Washing

Air Duct Cleaning
Exterior & Interior Window Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Real Estate Turnover
​Water Cleanup

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